A. Poggi, NJFeedback from Supervision Clients

I would be happy to recommend Robyn Catagnus for Supervision for anyone interested in not only acquiring the supervision hours mandated by the Board; but most importantly, for the candidate interested in receiving a complete supervisor experience. My supervisor balances professional feedback and recommendations with a personal touch. Although I never met her in person, I feel I got the best possible supervisor experience possible. She always amazed me with how well prepared she was for our sessions, and used modern technology to our advantage.

M Dominguez, CAFeedback from Supervision Clients

My fieldwork experience with Dr. Catagnus was very informative, effective, thorough, and lots of fun. My supervisor is sharp as a whip and full of energy. She has vast experience working with disabled children and was able to quickly adopt a global view of situations that I presented to her and was always able to provide effective direction and suggestions. She is very organized and keeps herself up to date with the latest research, tools, and current topics in the field, which she brings into the supervision sessions. She supplied me with many ideas and techniques, and other special tools that I now use with the students and staff that I work with. My supervisor has a down to earth demeanor and a great sense of humor. I heartily recommend her to anyone seeking professional ABA supervision.

A Cash, CAFeedback from Supervision Clients

…and of course I am happy to be done, but truly and sincerely, supervision with you has been totally awesome! You have been a great help to me and I am sad that it is ending. I don’t want to gush but thank you very much. I have learned so much, both ABA and otherwise, thanks again. Its nice to have a colleague/mentor and otherwise insanely busy, driven, and REAL person to talk with.

Feedback from StudentsQuotes are anonymous from student surveys

I really enjoyed working/learning under Robyn Catagnus. She seems incredibly competent and enthusiastic about sharing her experiences and knowledge with others. I really appreciate the time she took to provide thorough comments and assistance when needed. I hope our paths cross again at some point during the program or professionally in the future.

Feedback from StudentsQuotes are anonymous from student surveys

Dr. Catagnus is one of the best instructors that I have had in this program. She was prompt in responding to emails and questions, great communicator and I would be more than happy to have her as my instructor again.

Feedback from StudentsQuotes are anonymous from student surveys

I felt Dr. Catagnus had an encouraging approach. She also communicated and modeled high expectations. For example, her comments on my work showed she had evaluated it well; she also knows her material and how to help students do their best work.

Elizabeth Hughes Fong, Director of Autism Services, Progressions CompaniesFeedback from Colleagues

Dr. Catagnus provided me with an excellent supervision experience! She was personable, responsive, and knowledgeable. She prepared me to sit for the board exam, and helped to reduce my anxiety about taking my BCBA exam all while providing an enjoyable learning experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a supervisor.

Roe Bonomo, Owner, Attainment Behavioral Consulting Feedback from Colleagues

Robyn devotes herself fully to her profession and this is evident by the countless hours she spent mentoring me while I prepared for my behavior certification, modeling behavioral interventions for me to treat my clients, and monitoring the integrity with which I delivered these procedures. Without reservation, I can attest that Robyn will fulfill your behavioral needs.

Hannah Hoch, (colleague)Feedback from Colleagues

Dr. Catagnus is a detail-oriented, hard-working, motivated professional. Her knowledge of and passion for the science of behavior analysis is extraordinary, and this shows in her implementation of clinical practices, as well as in staff training and supervision. She is committed to identifying and implementing best practices for students with autism. She consistently maintains a high degree of professionalism. I would highly recommend Dr. Catagnus for any position.


(All testimonials on this page were solicited. I asked the former supervision clients or colleagues for feedback for public sites such as LinkedIn and my website.)