How Online BCBA Supervision Works

You need a smart, helpful, and nice supervisor so you can accrue hours and sit for the BACB certification exam. That would be easy if your boss was a BCBA, or there was one in your area – or if all of them weren’t too busy to do it.

But if it was easy to find a supervisor, you wouldn’t be reading my website right now!

Good news, though, because I’m an effective and nice BCBA supervisor with extensive experience, and I can help you conveniently, online, and from a distance.

Distance Supervision Really is Easy… and Ethical, and Allowable!

  1. We determine if distance supervision is right for you.
  2. I observe your work remotely.
  3. You attend individual or small group meetings weekly.
  4. You get access to my awesome resources, improve your skills, and prepare for the exam!

What You Need…

  • An ABA field placement or job
  • Access to a computer
  • Internet access
  • Headset and microphone
  • A web camera
  • A way to video tape your work
  • Field placement administrator consent and support
  • Client consent to be recorded or observed remotely by supervisor
  • A sincere desire to learn and enhance your skills

BCBA Supervision (Fees shown include alternating individual & group supervision sessions)

Plan Hours of Supervision Required by BACB Hours You Must Work Each Week in ABA Cost Per Hour Total Cost Approximate Monthly Cost
12 Month 75 30 $100 $7500 $625
18 Month 75 20* $100 $7500 $416.67

*Those working 10-20 hours or seeking a smaller monthly payment can move more slowly in the supervision process. Employer Reimbursement, Money Orders, & Checks Accepted. Credit card payments are accepted with an additional fee of $2.50/hour.


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